Street, Capacity and Vehicular Improvements
10th Street Multimodal Bridge
Bridge improvements inclusive of streetscape improvements (lighting, fencing, landscaping, lane markings), low stress bicycle connections, safe intersection treatments, and other enhancements to the immediate area to create a safe, beautiful, multi‐modal gateway to Midtown. This is a partnership project with Midtown Alliance, who hosted an open house on November 28, 2017. City of Atlanta TSPLOST will contribute $2.1M toward the total project cost.
  • Project Name: 10th Street Multimodal Bridge
  • Project Type:
  • Project Start: 09-2017
  • Construction Start: 03-2022
  • Project completion: 12-2023
  • Project Budget: $7,204,600
  • Detailed engineering cost estimate underway
  • Council District: 02
  • NPU: E
  • Complete: %