Complete Streets
Monroe Drive Complete Street Project
The Monroe Drive project is part of the Monroe Drive/Boulevard Complete Street Corridor project which encompasses two phases stretching from Piedmont Circle to Woodward Avenue. Improvements are inclusive of milling, repaving, striping, sidewalk and pedestrian crossing improvements.
  • The Monroe Drive phase runs from 10th Street to Piedmont Circle.
  • The Monroe Drive/Boulevard phase runs from 10th Street to Woodward Avenue.

Public meetings for this Complete Streets Corridor project were held on August 23, 2016 and February 28, 2017 as part of the concept development phase of the project.
  • Project Name: Monroe Drive Complete Street Project
  • Project Type:
  • Project Start: 05-2016
  • Construction Start: 06-2019
  • Project completion: 05-2020
  • Project Budget: $6,740,652
  • Council District: 6
  • NPU: E, F
  • Complete: 11%