Complete Streets
Piedmont Avenue Complete Street
In partnership with Midtown Alliance, the City of Atlanta’s TSPLOST program, is planning improvements to approximately 1.1 miles of Piedmont Avenue between Ponce De Leon Avenue and 15th Street. This corridor was identified for improvements in the 2008 Connect Atlanta Plan and identified as a “complete street” project by the 2015 Renew Atlanta Bond, as well as the Midtown Transportation Plan. The project, which is currently in the Design and Engineering phase, proposes the following improvements:
  • Re-purpose the eastern-most parking/travel lane with a protected one-way northbound bike lane (Ponce to 14th St)
  • Replace the sidewalk on the east side of Piedmont between 14th Street and 15th Street with a multi-use path.
  • Mill and resurface the roadway
  • Improve crosswalks and curb ramps and shorten crossing distances where possible with bulb-outs
  • Formalize on-street parking on the west side of the street
  • Upgrade sidewalks to be ADA accessible
Please find additional information on the Midtown Alliance project page.
  • Project Name: Piedmont Avenue Complete Street
  • Project Type:
  • Project Start: 08-2017
  • Construction Start: 12-2019
  • Project completion: 08-2020
  • Project Budget: $3,000,000
  • Council District: 2, 6
  • NPU: E
  • Complete: 9%