Neighborhood Greenways
Proctor Creek Greenway
The Proctor Creek Greenway is a seven-mile bike and pedestrian trail from Maddox Park to the Chattahoochee River that will provide 50 acres of linear park and upland greenspace along Proctor Creek, as well as connectivity to BeltLine Westside Trail, Bankhead MARTA Station, and Westside Quarry Park. Moreover, the Greenway will serve as an entryway to the Chattahoochee River which currently has no public access via trail within the City limits.

From an environmental perspective, the trail will provide a spectacular ribbon of greenspace and a world class trail to an underserved community, plus offer green infrastructure to treat stormwater runoff along the trail. The trail construction will stabilize the streambank by removing invasive plants and debris along the trail, followed by planting of native species. In addition, the kickoff segment will involve removal of impervious surfaces in and close to the buffer and will reduce stormwater runoff into the creek.

Mayor Reed has expedited $3 million in TSPLOST revenue to begin work on the first segment of the trail, approximately two miles running from Bankhead MARTA Station to the existing West Highlands Trail. This segment is anticipated to be completed by the end of 2017. The City and its partners are hosting public meetings to gather community input about the Proctor Creek Greenway.

The first public meeting was held on March 22, 2017 and Channel 26 featured a video of the August 17, 2017 groundbreaking ceremony.
  • Project Name: Proctor Creek Greenway
  • Project Type:
  • Project Start: 04-2017
  • Construction Start: 08-2017
  • Project completion: 04-2018
  • Project Budget: $3,600,000
  • Detailed engineering cost estimate underway
  • Council District: 9
  • NPU: G, J
  • Complete: %