Most of the City’s resurfacing projects, including Renew Atlanta’s, involve some form of pavement marking. The most common is a double-yellow centerline and single, white-edge skip lines, but crosswalks, stop bars, and arrows are equally important. In addition, the City evaluates paving projects for proposed bike routes, in close coordination, with the Department of Planning and Community Development and the Department of Public Works Office of Transportation.

The typical process on multi-lane roads is to paint the center and edge lines first until the asphalt cures for 2-4 weeks, then apply a permanent thermo-plastic material over the paint. On two lane roads, a reflective yellow foil tape is placed down on the hot surface to serve as the centerline while the asphalt is still hot.

Due to the high level of activity in the Atlanta and Georgia market and few contractors that specialize in pavement markings, we are experiencing delays that are often noticed by our citizens in the completion of projects.

In addition, weather conditions play a major role in delaying pavement markings as well as associated Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT) requirements that must be met. Therefore, markings can be delayed for an extended period of time after a street has already been resurfaced.