Complete Streets
Cascade Road/Avenue Corridor, Phase 2
The project scope includes corridor improvements on Cascade Road/Avenue from Avon Avenue to Ralph David Abernathy Boulevard, including milling, resurfacing, re-striping, sidewalks, traffic signal and communications upgrades, bus stop enhancements, streetscapes, and pedestrian safety improvements.  Drainage improvements along the corridor will manage storm water more effectively by routing water away from the roadway.  Additional street signage along the route should create safer driving conditions by providing users with advanced warning of upcoming intersections, crossings, and signals.
  • Phase 1: from Atlanta city limits to Willis Mill Road and from Delowe Drive to Avon Avenue
  • Phase 2: from Avon Avenue to Ralph David Abernathy Boulevard
A public meeting was held for this project on March 8, 2018.
  • Project Name: Cascade Road/Avenue Corridor, Phase 2
  • Project Type:
  • Construction Start: SPRING 2021
  • Construction Finish: SUMMER 2022
  • Project Budget: $8,000,000
  • Council District: 4, 10, 11
  • NPU: S, T